Sidecar Scal Models - GB

 Collection of  sidecar-combo scale models.

The models of this collection (± 100) may be a 'serious' scale model, a kit (diy), decoration or even children's toy

They may be made of wood, tin, metal, composite, ceramic or plastic... Just so long as it represents a bike or scooter with a sidecar...

There is even a cardboard kit of a BMW R16 race-combo: a reprint of a German 'Kartonmodell' from 1932.

 No '3-wheelers'/trikes in here, except some 'classics' like the Harley Davidson 'Servicar' and Peugeot 'Transport'.

NOTE: Due to limited sizes of tables, the gallery was split in 2 separate parts.

Part 1 contains older models , Part 2, below Part 1, contains more recent puchases.


The LATEST PURCHASE (January/February 2021):

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