Towards the end of the year, traditionaly many Christmas stories are told.

Wonderful, often a bit romantic, if not sentimental, tales with a happy end, larded sometimes with a little humour.

Stories in which mysticism and miracles as well as heroes, (guardian) angels, etc. play a part.

In a 'motorbike related' Christmas story there is an additional 'ingredient'; the motorcycle...

I wrote my first motorbike related Christmas tale in 2006, in memory of a biker-mate who passed away that year.

Since you hardly find motorbike related Christmas tales, I decided to write another one the year after, and again in 2008, 2009...

And so I ended up writing one every year up until 2017. 12 in total, one of which consists of 2 parts.

.  I posted them during the Christmas season in 3 Dutch biker forums.


I am now in the process of translating these stories to English. So far there are 8 now,  Marked in red . in the menu below.

 M e n u   C h r i s t m a s   T a l e s    in English

2006 - Biker Angel                                        - Biker in distress. Then unexpected help, but... is it actually from this world ?   


2007 - The Motor Sleigh                            - Not yet translated - How it takes a sidecar combo to save Christmas. 

2008 - Kindred Spirits                                  - About the life saving powers of motorbike passion (During the battle of the Ardennes 1944)  

2009 - Miser                                                       - Not yet translated - The world's most famous Cristmas Carol turned 'motorbike related'.   


2010 - Nightmare                                            - This enterprise of 2 mates could have ended disastrous had Christmas time not been 'magical'.


 2011 - Reunion part  1                                 - Part 1 - 2 old acquaintances (See tale of 2008; Kindred Spirits) unexpectedly reunite...

 2011 - Reunion part  2                                 - Part 2 - They reunite, but not just with each other...

2012 - Pennies From Heaven                   - Sometimes you receive a gift you never expected. And sometimes literally from Heaven...

2013 - Careful What You Wish For     -  For a wish might not quite come true the way you expect...   

 2014 - The Encore                                         - Not yet translated - Extra music number played at closure of a performance. Also from beyond death ?   

 2015 - Dreambike                                           - What greed can do to you...

2016 - The Alternative                                  - Not yet translated - How an alternative Christmas celebration could go completely wrong.

2017 - The Headless Biker                         - Not yet translated - An encounter with a legendary gruesome creature turns out to be a blessing.

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