Dear visitor,

Motorbikes and music are my passions, but I do have other interests and hobbies.

One is writing short stories about the 'biker life' for clubmagazines and forums,

as well as 'motorbike-related' Christmas stories (button 'X-MAS-MENU-GB').

Another one is collecting  motorbike-sidecar scale models (button 'SIDECAR-MODL-GB')


This site is a kind of 'electronical scrapbook' - an 'external memory' - for myself.

           But if you like to take a peek, please do click the subject of your choice.

              You are more then welcome ! (And a little "scribble" in my guestbook is much appreciated!) 


Huib aka Old-timer aka Auld Tymer

The 'SITE MAP' offers an overview of contents and structure of the site.

 - Though in Dutch, subjects in English are marked (a Union Jack+ little description) -

At the moment parts of this website are being translated to English. Thus far

The bike related 'Christmas stories' and 'Sidecar Scalemodels'. See buttons in English or with suffix '- GB'.

Note: I also have a blog in English about my musical activities as a bonfire-singer (Button above).